Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wednesday blues

Ok literally I was suppose to post something on Monday but I got caught up in my so-called 'presentation report/slide' which we ended up not doing anyway cause no one remembers to do it...phew, lucky for me. Beside it was the holidays and I was busy doing nothing and stuffing my face off with food...ahahaha ain't I just so lucky?

So anywhoo, I have been watching some of my YouTube videos and this one girl (I forgot her name but she's so cute) was talking about this website she found (or something) that sells clothes (ok it is in USD..sorry :( ). And they are pretty affordable!! There was this sweater dress for $10! but it was out of stock already :(. I want, and they are gorgeous. So go check it out. :) Here. I am so lazy to post something long...I want to go to bed. Night!

~ a!kO

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