Monday, September 7, 2009

Monday's pick: Jeggings or leggings

My pick for this week is: Jeggings :D altho leggings would be a good one to, so either way jeggings/leggings.

Apparently, I think I have been using leggings (or maybe those really stretchy, skinny, spandex pants) a long time ago. Yeah they use to be my favorites, and now they are back? As for the question mark, I'm sure they are the same thing but not. You know what I mean, right? Anyway...I have not used the jeggings/leggings a lot lately cause of the weather (like freakin' humid and hot) and I don't think it is really suitable for tropical weather but I think it would look good at night. Ok, I'm just that crazy/creative/daring to wear them but I see a lot of the girls wear them and I envy them! I think it is because they have really skinny legs (ok, sometimes they look like sticks. What! They do.)

But anywhoo, I bought a jeggings a couple of weeks ago without knowing that they are jeggings. It is kinda cool I think cause they look like skinny jeans but they're not. Geddit? Oh, jeggings are jean-leggings or denim leggings, like so...cute eh?

*taken from here

Jeggings are the new fashion trend hitting the retail sector.   These leggings originated in Japan where they became an overnight sensation.  These revolutionary leggings are a cross between skinny jeans and leggings and are expected to be the fashion sensation of 2009 in the UK.  It is the fusion of jeans and leggings that has derived the new name for this product i.e. Jeggings. **courtesy of

Apparently I want some!!! I have not found these here (except a dark color blue and black jeggings) but if they have some greys and indigo I'd love to get my hands on one. :) Cool and weird eh? They have a variety at Topshop, you should check it out. :)

~ a!kO


Akira and Aiko said...

owh...i love this entry. n i love jeggings/leggings too :D

a!k0 said...

right? I think they are cool since you know its not thick like jeans and not so legging looking...i am still looking for variety... :D im sure they sell them a lot there right? :P hmmm i want some

Elise said...

Hi, what a great post ! Thank you - it's perfect. Lovely site too - thank you for sharing it. Best wishes & great to meet you (as it were)....

Alexx said...

I'm absolutely in love with my jeggings! I bought the same ones Paris Hilton was seen sporting. They are made by Niki Biki and just like the
Niki Biki camisoles they wont bag out of loose their shape after being worn all day. To purchase your own visit Shipping is quick and world wide!!

a!k0 said...

Elise: :) nice to meet you too. Yeah I am so loving the jeggings :D And I am scouting for some different kinds. I think it would go great with anything :D. And thank you!

Alexx: :D Yeah even the celebrities are jumping on the fashion wagon!I bought my first cropped pair and I didn't even know they were jeggings! but I loved it :D Thanks for sharing the sites.