Thursday, September 10, 2009

Akira's Friday: Seventh Heaven by Kalafina

Hai Minna-san Konichi ha! Akira desu~ It's Friday and it's the day for Akira's Pick. Let me remind you that every Friday, I get to pick one song to be featured in this blog and I hope you all will enjoy it. Again, the songs that I pick will usually be Japanese songs, but hey, who knows, I might change my mind about posting English songs one day.

This week's pick will be: Seventh Heaven by Kalafina! *yeay!*

Seventh Heaven by Kalafina

Kalafina is a band formed by Yuki Kajiura and was originally to performed for the anime Kara no Kyoukai. Seventh Heaven is one of the songs featured in their album Seventh Heaven their first studio album) which was realeased in March 2009.

Saa, minna-san. Kitte kudasai, dozou. :D

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