Sunday, November 23, 2008


Online shopping? Anyone?? Oh, nice dresses where art thou are you?? (sorry the usage of classic English language sucks >:) ahaha). This was some I found from the respective blogspots...really nice too actually. :D

Ciao for now~~

p.s Oh definitely for hanging out at the beach ;)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Mane Story

I would say my best feature is my hair. (You can ask Aiko about this. Hahaha) No matter how much I tried to put damage on it, it will remain as soft as it was before.. er.. the damage has been done. I've bleached it, curled it, did rebonding, colour it red, brown, purple, maroon, black, mahogany, burgundy... but I've always wanted to try blue or green. XD

And I did. I didn't want to do the whole hair coz people would think I'm a freak. Koko wa Nippon janai yo*. So i did some streaks...

The process:

I had to wear that crazy hat for about an hour. First, the portion of hair that you wished to colour are bleached... Make it as white as possible or as how u desire the result to be. (Mine was not white, it was yellow-ish. I wanted mine to be aqua so it didn't turn out as blue.) And then, steam it for 15 mins. Later, the bleach is removed from your hair and desired colour are applied. (I did two different colours.. hahaha) Leave it for about 30 mins. Wash the chemical remains off and blow it dry.

The result:

Hahaha... seriously.. I can't go to work with that hair... But no worries, after tying it up, it looks ok.

If you're tired of your current hairstyle I'd say: Try it!
Do a RED or a PURPLE or a BLUE.
Just don't do a rainbow~

Go hit the nearest saloon~

*koko wa nippon janai yo = this is not Japan

til next time,


Friday, November 14, 2008

Backpackers and travelers

I was pondering about affordable places to stay in Kuching. A place to rest and sleep, not hotels or anything fancy but just for a pit stop at the end of the day. Especially for backpackers or travelers on a tight budget, or am looking to spend more than just 2 days and enjoy the wonderful things the city have to offer. Personally, I don't know what Kuching has to offer to travelers, but they do come and go (: and I am sure there are attractions tucked somewhere. Being a local, I have to say I would not be able to tell you anything more than what is obvious.

So as I was pondering away on a working morning, I came across one more possible lodging in Kuching. I have not heard of it but it is listed on a travelers website and hostels websites for travelers. And here I was thinking that it would be hard to find a place affordable enough to accommodate traveling travelers ;). Here are a few places I found really interesting and affordable.

Singgahsana Lodge

Singgahsana Lodge is located in the heart of the city. I personally think their decor and strategic location really is appealing for travelers coming to visit Kuching. It is just walking distance of the Kuching Waterfront, a famous tourist attraction (and the locals too) where you can take the sampan* to the other side of the river. And for the movie goers, the movie theater is just a walking distance (: aka next door. So, if you can't sleep, go and watch a midnight movie. It is also a walking distance to Main Bazaar, where there are shops selling authentic Sarawak crafts and other stuff that you might be interested in, arts and crafts, and people selling kuih lapis Sarawak*. Overall, the Singgahsana Lodge got a very high reviews from the people who have stayed there and enjoyed their hospitality. If you are interested do check out their website.

Kuching Waterfront Lodge

This is another place (which I think is very affordable) that I just came across while I was googling* for places in Kuching :D. I was surprised myself. On the website it says that "It sits in the heart of Kuching" and is located near the waterfront (well duhh! it says the waterfront lodge). The website also show you the price in different currencies, so you would not have to take out a calculator and calculate yourself :D. The reviews for it is also very appealing.

My Sarawak Travel Cafe

This one was a surprise too (ah yes I don't know they existed...but it's good to know they do :D I would definitely recommend them). I am not so sure where it is located, but it is just a walking distance from Main Bazaar, Little India (India Street), and the Waterfront.

As far as I know there are a lot more places that I could list down (and since it is late I am effin* tired :P). Some of the places that I found are:
  1. Pinnacles Lodge
  2. Brookes Terrace
  3. Cozee Hotel
  4. Berambih* Lodge
  5. Lodge 121
  6. Parkland Lodge

Of course there are others which I failed to mention (for various reasons) but these few are more than enough to get you started. Now that I have a place to stay, and my places to visit all mapped out, the only thing missing is someone to share it with :D. Enjoy your stay in Kuching!!

*sampan - boat
*kuih lapis - local delicacies that are very pretty, decorated in different styles
*googling - using Google browser to google :P
*berambih - staying over :D like sleep over
*effin - well lets just say we all know what that stands for


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Heading to the beach?

I was shopping for Raya and it was then when I found this dress and fell in love with it. It’s a long, empress cut dress with classic black and white flower stamped pattern and beautiful peacocks printing. I would say I’m not a fan of long dresses but this one really caught me.

Peacock Dress

The background flower print really compliments the colourful peacock design. I have a few dresses in my closet and this is one of my favourites. The black and white background kinda reminded me of an old Hawaiian design usually printed on button up collared beach shirts.

The combination of purple, red, green and yellow, embossed on the black and white based creates a lively image of the abstract bird.

Why do you think this dress is my favourite? Because of the material. It’s 100% cotton and really, it’s very comfortable to wear (eventhough it’s a bit long and I won’t deny that I’m kinda chibi*).

Another thing about this dress is, it can be worn anyhow you like. You can wear it as a tube dress, crossed-back, halter-neck or as it is. The straps are detachable. This kinda dress can be found around The Curve, Flea Market. And the price? Less than RM70.

And what would I wear with the dress. Well, this black Roxy pair. The soft velvet surface is marvelous. The thick sole helps with (cough) the heights. The black sequins sewn on it are just nice to give a hint of luxurious look.

A warning though, do not wear it when it’s raining. You don’t wanna walk in the rain with a pair of slipper that cost you about RM160. This pair comes in two colours: Bronzy brown and Black and can be found at any Roxy stores but I don’t think you can find it next season.

Now, you have the beach in mind already don’t ya? The dress and the flip flops. OK. Here’s another thing you should have. This white-leather Roxy bag.

This, you can even use it to cover your head if you don’t have an umbrella when it’s raining. It’s waterproof and dirt-proof (if you really take care of it). I use it to go to work and filled it with my thick Trudi Canavan book, umbrella, shawl, etc. It also comes in two colours: Brown and White (oh I love white) and can be found at any Roxy store. The price: RM180+

And finally, Beach Trip extra, my favourite tourist hat. My grandmother bought it for me when I was 15. And the price: RM2. Yeah… I’m not lying. We found it at one of the RM2 shops.

Once you’re hooked with all the gears, you are ready for the beach, babes. Don't forget the sunglasses and SPF45 coz "It's Sunny outside." Tee hee.

*Chibi = Small

as the day before my birthday