Sunday, November 23, 2008


Online shopping? Anyone?? Oh, nice dresses where art thou are you?? (sorry the usage of classic English language sucks >:) ahaha). This was some I found from the respective blogspots...really nice too actually. :D

Ciao for now~~

p.s Oh definitely for hanging out at the beach ;)


THREE said...

OMG!!!! Halter dresses!!! I'm in the process of udating my blog on what I've overspent on the past few days... but pics still in progress.

OMG!!! I've become a dress freak too!!!

a!k0 said...

WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH....we gotta shop for dresses then...most definately!!! eh, next weekend (if youre free!!!) :P

I have made some plans to ask my cousin to buy too!! oh you overspent too? lol, did you see the shoes at the SPRING?? It's like AARRGGHHH!

Akira said...

errr.. ok... Thank God you guys are not here in KL. seriously if u see shoes and dresses here.. mesti by the end of the first week of the month dah broke. konfem.

And Chrys, i forgot to tell u the shop only opens on weekends.

a!k0 said... prob, ill pass you the $$$ later. Oh and need to meet you online right?? ^_^ oohh, so that means can't go later eh...errr, no fair!! nvm, think can find other places to hang out later...means cannot buy them in jan *sob sob* why dont they open weekdays? =_='''

yeah dude, think ill be broke by the first day :P ahaha

THREE said...

Hey I'm following these blogs "PERFUMANIA" and "URBANLOLITA" (links are on my blog page): trusted, tried and true websites that sell relatively cheap BRANDED perfumes (sort of like reject shop la, defective logo print etc etc) and wonderful clothes, bags, shoes, GIRL STUFF basically... try to check it out.

The purchase does not require credit card, it's a bank-in system. My friend's aunt always buys from there, so it's definitely trusted.

Anonymous said...

whoa wait a minute, how long are you gonna be in KL? Just a few days? Not even till the weekend? *shakes head disapprovingly* lol!

a!k0 said...

yeah a few days...till thursday la, friday im going back...ylh slh gilak, wasnt thinking what..spur of the moment decision...ahaha...but youll be around right?