Sunday, November 16, 2008

Mane Story

I would say my best feature is my hair. (You can ask Aiko about this. Hahaha) No matter how much I tried to put damage on it, it will remain as soft as it was before.. er.. the damage has been done. I've bleached it, curled it, did rebonding, colour it red, brown, purple, maroon, black, mahogany, burgundy... but I've always wanted to try blue or green. XD

And I did. I didn't want to do the whole hair coz people would think I'm a freak. Koko wa Nippon janai yo*. So i did some streaks...

The process:

I had to wear that crazy hat for about an hour. First, the portion of hair that you wished to colour are bleached... Make it as white as possible or as how u desire the result to be. (Mine was not white, it was yellow-ish. I wanted mine to be aqua so it didn't turn out as blue.) And then, steam it for 15 mins. Later, the bleach is removed from your hair and desired colour are applied. (I did two different colours.. hahaha) Leave it for about 30 mins. Wash the chemical remains off and blow it dry.

The result:

Hahaha... seriously.. I can't go to work with that hair... But no worries, after tying it up, it looks ok.

If you're tired of your current hairstyle I'd say: Try it!
Do a RED or a PURPLE or a BLUE.
Just don't do a rainbow~

Go hit the nearest saloon~

*koko wa nippon janai yo = this is not Japan

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a!k0 said...

wow i love....i always wanted to do blue or red..*sigh*

Akira said...

hehhe.. let's do it... hehehe

a!k0 said... hair is not nice la....have to be wither damn straight or damn nice like i have curls....

Akira said...

THERE'S a method called Rebonding XD