Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Heading to the beach?

I was shopping for Raya and it was then when I found this dress and fell in love with it. It’s a long, empress cut dress with classic black and white flower stamped pattern and beautiful peacocks printing. I would say I’m not a fan of long dresses but this one really caught me.

Peacock Dress

The background flower print really compliments the colourful peacock design. I have a few dresses in my closet and this is one of my favourites. The black and white background kinda reminded me of an old Hawaiian design usually printed on button up collared beach shirts.

The combination of purple, red, green and yellow, embossed on the black and white based creates a lively image of the abstract bird.

Why do you think this dress is my favourite? Because of the material. It’s 100% cotton and really, it’s very comfortable to wear (eventhough it’s a bit long and I won’t deny that I’m kinda chibi*).

Another thing about this dress is, it can be worn anyhow you like. You can wear it as a tube dress, crossed-back, halter-neck or as it is. The straps are detachable. This kinda dress can be found around The Curve, Flea Market. And the price? Less than RM70.

And what would I wear with the dress. Well, this black Roxy pair. The soft velvet surface is marvelous. The thick sole helps with (cough) the heights. The black sequins sewn on it are just nice to give a hint of luxurious look.

A warning though, do not wear it when it’s raining. You don’t wanna walk in the rain with a pair of slipper that cost you about RM160. This pair comes in two colours: Bronzy brown and Black and can be found at any Roxy stores but I don’t think you can find it next season.

Now, you have the beach in mind already don’t ya? The dress and the flip flops. OK. Here’s another thing you should have. This white-leather Roxy bag.

This, you can even use it to cover your head if you don’t have an umbrella when it’s raining. It’s waterproof and dirt-proof (if you really take care of it). I use it to go to work and filled it with my thick Trudi Canavan book, umbrella, shawl, etc. It also comes in two colours: Brown and White (oh I love white) and can be found at any Roxy store. The price: RM180+

And finally, Beach Trip extra, my favourite tourist hat. My grandmother bought it for me when I was 15. And the price: RM2. Yeah… I’m not lying. We found it at one of the RM2 shops.

Once you’re hooked with all the gears, you are ready for the beach, babes. Don't forget the sunglasses and SPF45 coz "It's Sunny outside." Tee hee.

*Chibi = Small

as the day before my birthday


Jules said...

the dress is purdy (pretty hee~) and i think the part about not wearing those slippers when it rains is coz you hate wet feet lol!

And just add blue... XD

Akira said...

Hehe.. thanks.
Yeah... that's one of the 2 reasons. The velvet surface is very soft and if it's wet it's gonna be really "euw". And i'm sure it will make the Keroro sound.

Hehe.. too bad there's no blue

a!k0 said...

the dress looks better on camera XD...but seriously i love it. good bargain too...i think if it rains we need those really high heeled slippers...platform ka, so confirm sik basah :P

HiFashion said...

That dress is cute!

Akira and Aiko said...

Thanks HiFashion!