Thursday, May 7, 2009

...Of which we never forget part 2

As Al has already mention, we were talking about our favorite pass time (for me since I can't watch them anymore, not as much as I want)...watching and oggling Anime (characters!!). One of the anime I use to watch was Vandread. Damn those sexy women (I know, it's mesmerizing). One of the many favorites are Slam Dunk and for me, The Adventure of RAVE. :D Man I miss those times... If only we could go back, easier times....relaxed, free, literally 'free' from all the "drama" *evil laugh* MWHAHAHAHAHA....

~ Chrys

** enjoy this clip from youtube, I heart thee~!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

.... Of which we never forget

I was just talking about it with Chrys yesterday and I've been listening to it the whole week. Hahaha.. I miss the anime Vandread and I'm thinking of getting it from SunComic this weekend. The above vid is from the anime ending. Enjoy the snip, taken from youtube.

P/s: Boys... keep your nosebleed to the minimum :D