Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Favorite

I can't seem to get my hands of this.

Tabasco. I. Love. It. Oh I had it with omelette, and cheese and crackers, and tuna and cheese. You name it. I just hadn't had it with cheesecake. :D One of my friend says I am just like the "aliens" in Roswell. :D You know then I have not found out the deliciousness, hotness, sauciness of Tabasco (OMG what was I thinking!) but now, I wouldn't think it was that weird for them to have Tabasco with everything :D hehehe. I know how weird.

I use to think it was weird but I don't anymore. :) And when this show came out, I did watch it...religiously. o.O Up to a point where I thought it was losing it's attractiveness. Ah well, that was loooong ago. And I really like Katherine Heigl in this show :) She was young.

I Google her, and wow...some very sexy pictures. I think I have a girl crush *blush* I think she is really beautiful, next to Charlize Theron, Sandra Bullocks, and Julia Roberts. :) I have girl crush overload *blush*XD

Wait. This was suppose to be about Tabasco. See what you made me do?? ;) So yeah, Tabasco is awesome. *cheers*


Jasmine Lee said...
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Jasmine Lee said...

omgosh i remember watching roswell a long time ago me and my sister were obsessed.

BARESTUDY (Janelle) said...

haha! hott! thanks for commenting on my blog !


a!k0 said...

@Jasmine Lee: I know it was too long ago, makes me feel old! XD My cousin and I were obsessed at first then it just...got boring.

@Janelle: Thank you for stopping by :)