Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday's pick: I love me some chocolate ^_~

A week ago, it seems so much longer, I indulged in some yummy-licious dark chocolate with peppermint. :D It was good, it was amazing!

I remember telling my bf that I had some yummy peppermint dark chocolate that I am having now, and that I am addicted to. And he showed me this:

Apparently he was having dark chocolate too (without me :P), organic dark chocolate to boost. :P So I guess great mind thinks alike :D. I do prefer dark chocolate over milk chocolate. I LOVE chocolate covered raisins more, OMG I think I could eat this everyday and would not get sick :).

Come on who doesn't love chocolate covered raisins? XD If you don't, more for me!! What did you do this weekend? Here is what I did. :D 


ching said...

i like my chocolates and raisins seperate. :D

a!k0 said...

^__^ Yeah so does a lot of people :P I think they are great together :D hehehe