Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I am not loving

Colds. =___='' *pouts* And lil sniffles that is really. Annoying. *sigh* Like now as I sniffles and write this I am annoyed!! I think I am allergic to something and it happen often which makes me think I am allergic to something. Sorry for sounding like a broken record but I am not loving this state I am in. *runs around room*

Also funny story, I fell asleep on the couch watching CSI: Miami and something woke me up. I was so groggy and sleepy and trying to run in that state is a big no NO. I tumble and fall, I think that would've been a funny sight. Thankfully no one was there to watch me! (I secretly think my cat Charlie was watching me through the window and laughing his heart out.) Now my knee hurt. Ooowwww >.<''

PS Thank you guys for stopping by and leaving me comments and becoming followers ^___^ You guys make my day! <3 I'd love for you guys to swing by my main blog here :) where I share this and that, and my passion for football @ soccer :P. Thank you again!! *hugs and kisses*

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