Saturday, November 20, 2010

Universal Children's Day: Stop Child Abuse!

Today (20th November) is Universal Children's Day. I was invited by Ili Billie to support the event which was held at 1Utama this morning. I should have brought my nieces and nephew. The event was all about creating awareness of child abuse and for all means, to support against child abuse and many other things related to children. I came a little late but I managed to join the Flash Mob game which was totally awesome. Didn't bring my blanket (and no, no kid with me) so I shared blanket with a random person and she was nice enough to offer me her blanket (and we became friends =) hehehe). While we were having our own "sleep over" in front of Mac City, suddenly somebody came and tickled me while I was under the blanket. I burst into tears and I laughed so hard. When I peeked, it was Datin Marina Mahathir. Hahaha! Omg.. * embarrassed * She must have thought I was a kid =_= Oh! And I was mistaken for a 16 year old TWICE. Anyway, I didn't manage to take a lot of photos because my phone died on me T___T.

Exhibit 1: If you need help, call 15999

Exhibit 2: Kodomo ga aishiteiru

Exhibit 3: Show support against child abuse

Exhibit 4: The crowd before the Flash Mob game

For more info check out: UNICEF Malaysia and show your support.

Love your children. Stop child abuse. Remember, we were once kids.

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