Sunday, November 7, 2010

Midnight Randomness

It is the 115th Anniversary of the discovery of X-ray. YAY for x-ray!

And I had some yummy midnight snacks :)

Bananas :D

and carrots! <3


Dee O. said...

I love it when Google does those things to celebrate events, I think it's too cute lol :)


Sera xo said...

GREAT post !! I love this whole look :) Check out my blog, i am holding a bit of a survey right now which is very important for school as it is a major assesment. I would love it if you could fill it out for me !!! I would appreciate it so much, i would even publicise your blog !!! THANKYOU :)

a!k0 said...

@Dee O.: I know :D Google always amuse me with cute graphics :D I am in love!

@Sera xo: Thank you :D I will check it out and I'd love to help :D