Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday's pick: Would you prefer...

Sunny days or rainy days?

I prefer cuddling on a rainy day. :) While watching the rain, with cold chocolate ;)

Would you rather watch Dirty Jobs or Mythbusters?

Hands down, Mythbusters of course! Come on, laughter, myths, and crazy randomness fun...who wouldn't want to watch this??? :D And I just love Tory, Kari and Glenn :D and of course Adam and Jamie ;) I can just sit and watch this alllllllll day :D.


ARES said...

ditto! me and the hubby are all about mythbusters too lol.

Fashion-rocks said...

I prefer the sunny days evan though I complain when it is too hot lol

a!k0 said...

@Ares: It's very amusing and hilarious :P Love it!! We need a Mythbusters marathon :P

@Fashion-rocks: :P When it rains too much I complain too!! I just love steady not so heavy rain, I miss playing in the rain :D