Monday, October 19, 2009

My pick: Beanie hats

Knitted beanie hat, or cap or errr...what would you call it? I don't know what is the proper name for it (or maybe it is just beanie) but I am LOVING these. :D

Photo taken from pdxbeanies flickr

Isn't the cute lil blue-eyed baby adorable???? I want the beanie she's wearing...(I am assuming it is a she :D). Adorable. Really adorable.

I know the weather is hot here, but I think it is stylish enough to wear at night, in the cinema or maybe just hanging out (at Bing!, etc etc). Right?? I mean if the material isn't that heavy and thick, it would be worn casually...Of course I am right! :P Who doesn't love these??  I know I do. (^_^)v

Isn't she just adorable?? Photo from here.


Akira said...

I have those!! I have like a few of those!!!

I love beanie hats!~

a!k0 said...

:P Damn...I never could find one I REALLY like.. there was one at Cindy but then I never bought it and when I came back to buy it it was gone =_= so sad...oh well..I will find one I REALLY like someday! XD