Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday's pick: Shoes

Okay, so here's the deal: heels over wedge or heels over boots? Truth is I have never ever worn boots in my entire life *gasp* I know...not so much of a shocker. There are some reason why I have never worn/owned/have one:

1. My legs are seriously.
2. I don't think I look good in them aka I look stumpy (cause I am short).
3. I don't have a reason to own/buy one since our climate is so hot.
4. I just don't have the reason to buy one :P.

Okay, I think they are extremely HOT! if, I was Mila Jovovich or Gwen Stefani. They have uber cute, sexy, long, thinly shaped legs. I know, I love to drool over woman's legs (and boobs and arse)...hey my bf should be very happy. But me, I have stubby legs. If you know me personally I think you would agree with me. Hahahaha...I mean, I am sure I can rock (some type of) boots, but I have never tried. My bf said I'd look real sexy in them, altho I don't really trust him cause he is biased - he is my bf after all. So anyway I have seen some really, really sexy cut and interesting boots I'd LOVE to try on (and I know I'd probably look stumpy and short but hey you live only once!) and I know I could get my hands on them. :D But of course I'd have to be somewhere cooler (like seasoned countries) to try to rock into them.

picture from torrentiall flickr

picture from monicaabce flickr

Hmmm dreamy ey? If only I had those legs *drools*. Anywhoo....okay shoes. Well I suppose not so much of shoes...

My pick for today is shoes, in general. I do love heels. I try to get them but I don't use them a lot. I am more comfortable in flats, or sandals or hmmm flip flops. :D Yeah those are great for going casual. ^^ Going for dates, just out with friends, and whatever. But I do love me some heels. Or wedge. Altho I prefer wedge since it is more comfortable in a long run. Okay, maybe not. It depends on the heels. Some heels, even tho it is 4 inches high are really, really comfortable. I know! You guys might thing how do you girls do it. We just do!!! Now who doesn't love being a girl?? We get to dress up and put sexy clothes on for you guys to drool over, paint our faces put on cute makeup, and get to wear cute shoes!! Life is not so easy being a girl but we love it and do it anyway! :D

So this Monday I am up for SHOES!!! Anything in general. I do love me some nice, comfy Nike, or Kappa or Converse. :D Good for the easy, breeze, sporty look. I know!! Shoes!!! Heels!! Boots!! Gotta love them all!!

picture from Cindy Yuan flickr

picture from unknown

Christian Louboutin heels - picture from flickr

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